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Cat Grooming

Pamper your feline companion with top-notch care, including gentle bathing, precise haircuts, and meticulous nail trims. Our skilled groomers provide a stress-free environment, ensuring your beloved cat receives the utmost comfort and attention.

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Mission Hills, Los Angeles cat grooming studio
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End Your Cat's Grooming Woes! Experience Blissful Care

Are you tired of battling with your furry friend during grooming sessions? Look no further! Our cat grooming salon in Mission Hills, San Fernando Valley is here to turn your cat’s grooming experience into a blissful affair. Say goodbye to scratched arms, tangled fur, and stressed-out kitties. We specialize in providing gentle, professional grooming services that leave your feline friend looking and feeling fabulous.

At Glam Fur Spa, we understand that cats have unique needs and temperaments. That’s why our team of skilled groomers are experts in handling even the most finicky felines. We create a calm and soothing environment, ensuring your cat feels safe and comfortable throughout grooming. From luxurious baths to precise haircuts and nail trims, our tailored services will have your cat purring with delight.

Say goodbye to the grooming struggles and hello to a salon experience that will leave your cat looking fabulous and feeling pampered. Visit our Glam Fus Spa Grooming Studio today and let us transform your cat’s grooming woes into a truly delightful experience they’ll love coming back to.

Unleash the Ultimate Grooming Experience for Your Cat in Mission Hills

With a team of skilled professionals, a stress-free environment, and tailored services, we are committed to delivering top-quality care for your cat's grooming needs. Say goodbye to grooming woes and hello to a salon experience that will leave your cat looking and feeling its absolute best. Step into our salon and let us pamper your cat with the blissful care they deserve.


Professional Expertise

You can expect skilled groomers who understand the specific grooming needs of cats, ensuring that your furry friend receives the highest care and attention.

Tailored Services

Every cat is unique, and we recognize that. Our salon offers personalized grooming services that cater to the individual needs and preferences of your cat.

Stress-Free Environment

We pride ourselves on providing a calm and soothing atmosphere that minimizes stress for your cat.


Purrfection in Cat Grooming!

Expert cat grooming services tailored to meet the unique needs of your feline friend.

  • Bath & Brush

  • Haircut

  • Shaving

  • Specialty Cut

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Give your beloved cat the ultimate pampering they deserve

Book now and experience the purrfect grooming experience at our Mission Hills, San Fernando Valley grooming studio. Our expert groomers are ready to shower your feline companion gently, leaving them looking and feeling their best.