Our One-on-One
Grooming Studio Services

Dog Services

  • Bath & Brush

    Immerse your pet in a world of ultimate cleanliness and style as we kickstart the experience with a thorough pre-clean, expertly removing dirt and excess hair. Indulge your beloved companion with our premium quality shampoo, leaving their coat lustrous and nourished.

  • Light Trim

    Our talented groomers perform a stylish "haircut" that preserves their length while achieving a refined look. Indulge your furry companion with the added touch of paw, face, and eye shaping, ensuring they exude an irresistible charm that will leave tails wagging with delight.
  • Full Haircut

    Your comprehensive service begins with a blissful full bath, followed by meticulous nail trimming, gentle cleaning of the ears and eyes, and expert anal gland care. Our experienced groomers then work their magic, providing a personalized, full body cut that accentuates your dog's unique features.
Indulge your pets with our exclusive selection of PREMIUM pet products, while enjoying unbeatable prices that we happily match or beat in our area.
DOGS (size)Bath & BrushHaircutGlam Combo
Toy or Pup$45+$50+$55+
Oatmeal BathEnzyme BathFlea Bath

*Every 5th visit you get $10 off the total price.

*All Glam Combo prices include: a full haircut, bath & brush, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.
*Prices vary due to the amount of hand scissoring and skilled hair cutting and de-matting.
*All Pets are Required to Show Proof of up-to-date Rabies Vaccine.
*Prices are Subject to Change.

Cat Services

  • Bath and Brush Short-hair: $55+
  • Bath and Brush Medium Hair: $70+
  • Brushing & Trimming Long Hair: $80+
  • Specialty Cut: $250+
  • Shave – Long Hair: $150+
  • Specialty Shave (Lion or Dino): $245
  • Combo: Save $10

Rabbit Services

  • Full Grooming (includes nail trim, scent glands cleaning, and brushing): $45+
  • Flemish Giant Full Groom: $75+
  • Nail Trim Only: $15
  • Scent Gland Cleaning Only: $15
  • Ear Cleaning Only: $15
  • Eye Hair Trim Only: $15
  • Hair Trim Only: $25
  • Bottom Trim Only: $20
  • Summer Light Scissors Trim (no shaving): $30+

Services -À LA Carte

    • Face Trimming – $25
      We trim the bangs, mouth, eyes, and edges for a fresh look
    • Ear Cleaning – $15
      Remove wax and dirt particles that cause irritation and infection
    • De-shedding Package – $35
      Prevent unwanted hair shedding
    • De-shedding Deluxe – $45
      De-shed with nail Dremel and teeth brushing
    • Brush De-matting – $2 per minute
      We determine the best procedure specifically for your pet
    • De-skunk – $30 for small dogs, $40 for large dogs
      Remove the odor from the skunk spray
    • 30-Day Flea Treatment – $45
      Frontline or Advantage based on Vet recommendation
    • Nail Trim – $15 for small dogs, $25 for large dogs
      Routine trimming helps traction and nerve safety
    • Nail Dremel – $20 for small dogs, $25 for large dogs
      Extra grinding for denser nail care
    • Nail Polish – $15
      Style your pet with many color options
    • Anal Glands – $35
      We express the glands/sacs to prevent impacting
    • Sanitary Trim – $15
      Keep the private areas cleaned up
    • Teeth Brushing – $15
      Helps to prevent bacterial infection and inflammation of the gums
    • Special Shampoo – $15 for small dogs, $18 for large dogs
      Enhance your pet’s spa day
    • Conditioning Treatment – $15 for small dogs, $18 for large dogs
      Complete your pet’s spa day
  • Specials

  • Extras

    • Boarding Fee – $45
      Applied to any dog left for more than 45 minutes after the call for pickup.
    • Cancellation Fee – $45
      For appointments canceled in less than 24 hours or are a no-show.
    • Hard To Handle Fee – $35
      Some pets require an extra helping hand and will require a special handling fee if the pet is too difficult and requires a second groomer’s assistance.
  • Packages

    • Deluxe Package – $20

      ✓ Teeth Cleaning
      ✓ Special Shampoo
      ✓ Conditioner
      ✓ Nail Dremel
      ✓ Blueberry Facial

      *With the purchase of a bath or haircut